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Samuel Terry offers students a quality education in a nurturing environment. Our teachers are skilled, caring professionals. We proudly celebrate students' achievements and offer extra-curricular activities to delight and challenge all.
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District Carnival Postponed

The District Athletics Carnival set for Wednesday, August 27 has been postponed. The 1st day of events will now be held on Thursday, August 28.... Read more

Royce Simmons Shield - Cancelled 26.8.14

The Royce Simmons Shield competition has been postponed.... Read more

Nurturing the artist in your child

Your child may not go on to become a famous musician, actor, dancer, filmmaker or artist. But by nurturing the artist in your child you can help them grow up able to think for themselves, problem solve and work out different ways... Read more

One of our beautiful dancers

Education Week Celebrations

It was wonderful to celebrate Education Week with so many family and friends. To see some photos of our performances, please go to the gallery at the bottom of the home page.... Read more

Online payments

Parents are now able to make payments online by clicking on the dollar sign on the red bar above. Click on the link below if you'd like to read the instructions about paying online. Payment instructions (doc 445 KB)... Read more